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Bathroom Equipment Manufacturers

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Bathroom Equipment Manufacturers

Bathroom Equipment Manufacturers
  Overall Cartel Period 1992-2004
  Participants Artweger; Cisal; Dornbracht; Duravit; Duscholux; Grohe; Hansa; Ideal Standard; Kludi; Mamoli; Masco; RAF; Roca; Sanitec; Teorema; V&B; Zucchetti
  Total Fines (DOJ) No fines imposed
  Total Fines (EC) €622.2 million

In 2010, the European Commission (“EC”) fined 17 bathroom equipment manufacturers a total of €622 million for their role in a cartel that fixed prices for baths, sinks and other bathroom fittings from 1992 to 2004.  According to the EC, the companies coordinated the sales prices for bathroom fixtures and fittings during hundreds of national trade association meetings in various European countries.


Enforcement Highlights:

  • Masco, a U.S. company, received full immunity for being the first to provide information about the cartel to the EC.
  • Ideal Standard, a U.S. company, was fined €326 million for its participation in the cartel despite receiving a 30% leniency reduction.
  • The fines for five companies were reduced because of their likely inability to pay the fine given their financial situation. 
Company Fine Date
Artweger € 2.8 million
Cisal € 1.2 million
Dornbracht € 12.5 million
Duravit € 29.3 million
Duscholux € 1.7 million
Grohe € 54.8 million
Hansa € 14.8 million
Ideal Standard € 326.1 million
Kludi € 5.5 million
Mamoli € 1 million
Masco Immunity
RAF € 300,000
Roca € 38.7 million
Sanitec € 57.7 million
Teorema € 400,000
V&B € 71.5 million
Zucchetti € 4 million