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Bananas 2

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Bananas 2

Bananas 2
  Overall Cartel Period 2004-2005
  Participants Chiquita Brands International Inc.; Pacific Fruit
  Total Fines (DOJ) No fines imposed
  Total Fines (EC) €8.9 million

In November 2007, regulators discovered the existence of a second banana cartel affecting Italy, Greece, and Portugal between July 2004 and April 2005.


Enforcement Highlights:

  • The EC imposed a fine of €8.9 million on one company for operating the cartel. Chiquita was granted immunity from fines for revealing the cartel to the EC.
Company Fine Date
Chiquita Brands International Inc. Immunity 10/12/2011
Pacific Fruit € 8.9 million 10/12/2011