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Smart Card Chip

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Smart Card Chip

Smart Card Chip
  Overall Cartel Period 2003-2005
  Total Fines (DOJ) No fines imposed
  Total Fines (EC) €138 million
In October 2008, the European Commission (the “EC”) carried out unannounced inspections of several smart card chip producers.  Smart card chips are used in mobile telephone SIM cards, bank cards, identity cards and passports, pay TV cards, and various other applications.  After initially exploring the possibility of settlement, the EC discontinued settlement discussions with some of the companies in 2012, citing clear lack of progress.  In September 2014, the EC found that four companies coordinated their market behavior by colluding through a network of bilateral contacts and imposed fines totaling €138 million.  

Enforcement Highlights:

  • The EC imposed fines totaling €138 million.
Company Fine Date
Renesas No fines imposed 09/03/2014
Infineon € 82.8 million 09/03/2014
Philips € 20.1 million 09/03/2014
Samsung € 35.1 million 09/03/2014